Before we get to that… what can we do for you?

We can add more value to your organisation than anyone else in the market. How do we do that…?

  1. We deliver professional IT  Installation, Computer Disposal and eWaste Recycling services +
  2. Achieve significant social outcomes for disadvantaged individuals through our holistic well-being and employment social enterprise program +
  3. Report on social and environmental benefits, including lives impacted and CO2 emissions saved. These can be used for annual reports, marketing or employees.

This allows you and your organisation to get much more value out of your IT refresh than you could of in the past. We deliver outcomes to your organisation in areas of:

    • I.T.
    • Marketing
    • Financial
    • Social Procurement
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

We want to add strategic value to your organisation through what is a generally standard process of IT installation, computer disposals and eWaste Recycling.

About us…. 

Our management team has over 14 years experience in the IT Asset Recovery industry and we have combined that with our passion for people and sustainability.

We have developed a holistic program to help disadvantaged individuals achieve personal success, which include;
– Mind-Set and Life Coaching
– Wellness, Health & Nutrition
– Education and Vocational Training
– Employment (in this case, employment in IT Installation, computer disposals and eWaste Recycling services)

Your decision to engage us as a partner directly results in these life changing outcomes for individuals and ultimately higher value to you and your organisation.

Social ImpactCorporate Social Responsibility

A meaningful way to dispose of your I.T.

Achieve your IT, CSR, Financial and Marketing objectives and make a difference to the lives of others.

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