Your company, SME or government department has just made an important decision. It’s time to upgrade your computers. It’s a move that will make your employees very happy. After all, working with the best equipment means more productivity with better outcomes. While there is certainly a cost that comes with upgrading technology, the benefits an upgrade provides in this modern work environment are numerous. The question then becomes, what do we do with all the old computers?

WV technologies can help. We are an indigenous owned company that specialises in computer disposals in Brisbane. We know how to properly dispose of your data so that it won’t fall into the hands of the wrong people and we can do rebates on all your equipment that is in good working order. We can offer you socially positive ways for computer recycling in Brisbane such as donating them to charity. This not only gives you substantial tax breaks but gives you a chance to enhance your company’s profile in the broader community.

Brisbane computer recycling made easy

Doing a computer or technology upgrade is a bit more difficult for an SME or government department which often has a more limited budget than a private company. These operations are often more open to an upgrade if such move can be shown to improve productivity. The less time spent on mundane tasks and the more time spent on activities that grow the business or improve customer service, the better. Working with a company that can help you achieve both financial and social benefits from recycling your old computers can help you decide to do the upgrade.

Computers can be donated to charity as mentioned above which provide tax relief and goodwill in the community. Much of the equipment that is replaced in an upgrade is eligible for a rebate. Your company’s Brisbane computer recycling done intelligently and thoughtfully provides many positive tangible and intangible benefits.

A computer disposal recycling company that you can trust

Working with WV technologies for your computer disposal and recycling needs allows you to achieve those tangible and intangible benefits mentioned above. Our management team has been operating in this industry for 14 years. Our company is a social enterprise, majority owned by a non-profit. When you choose us to dispose or recycle your computers, it allows you to obtain positive social outcomes through regular procurement programs.

Our company does professional, quality IT installation and de-installation, computer and laptop disposals and eWaste recycling. We offer rebates and environmentally friendly practices that include providing environmental reports that will help you achieve your social procurement targets. Since we are a majority indigenous owned company, we help your business or government department reach the Federal government regulated budget expenditures on indigenous enterprises. Our business is perfect for your business. When it’s time for a computer or technology upgrade for your company, SME or government department call us today. We can help you in many ways.

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