Every company or government department has one. It’s the room where they keep all the old computers and outdated technology. Often, it’s an old closet space or an area in the basement of the building, depending on the size and quantity of the outdated technology. Generally, it happens every time there’s a computer refresh or technology upgrade. The question that follows these measures is frequently “What we do with all this old stuff?” Thus, the old closet or the area in the basement.

There is a better way, and WV Technologies can offer it. We can do your IT disposals and eWaste recycling in Brisbane. That includes computers, servers, and laptops along with secure data destruction so that you never have to worry that your company’s information can fall into the wrong hands. We can help you donate your computers to charity which not only provide you with a tax write-off but also with a goodwill gesture that your company can use in its marketing.

How to dispose of eWaste in Brisbane

The question of when a corporation should upgrade its technology is always a tricky one. New technology, especially portables, seem to be coming along these days at a precipitous speed. The trick is to look for tell-tale signs of a disconnect. When the technology that your employees use in the office is significantly different from what they use in their personal lives that is a warning sign that your company’s technology needs to be updated. Another sure sign is a time lag or creeping inefficiency that is both time-consuming and costly. When your employees start to tell you that it takes forever to prepare that new report or presentation it’s time to think about making a change.

The question then becomes what do you do with your eWaste in Brisbane. While it’s true that some companies do just store it in the basement, smart companies understand that their old technology can be recycled in several useful ways. As mentioned above it can be donated to charity which provides both economic and marketing benefits. It’s also possible to get rebates for much of the older technology. Since many government programs now promote environmentally friendly recycling and positive social outcomes working with a company that can provide all these services for your business is, as they say, a win-win situation.

A smart solution

There are many good reasons to work with WV technologies for your company’s Brisbane e-waste recycling needs. We can remove all your old or stored e-waste. When you decided to make that IT refresh we can uninstall your current technology, ensure that your data security is handled appropriately, and give rebates for all your equipment in working condition. We provide environmentally friendly eWaste recycling in Brisbane that benefits your company’s or government department’s bottom line. We can also provide the necessary environmental benefits reports that are required by the government.

We are an indigenous owned company which means we are eligible for the Federal Government Indigenous Procurement Policy. Our management team has over 14 years of experience in this industry. We are also a social enterprise providing jobs for disadvantaged individuals in the community. When you work with us, you are not only working with a company that uses industry-leading methods of eWaste recycling but building positive social outcomes. Contact us today.

Solving Your Need for eWaste Recycling in Brisbane