When a business’s technological systems are brand new, they bring an incredible amount of excitement even to mundane, regular work activities. Speed increases, a boost in productivity, and new ways of networking and making things happen are all benefits you can see from upgrading to the latest in technology. Over time, that “shiny and new” feeling wears away, though — and ultimately, you will realise it is time to decommission and replace your current IT architecture. Unfortunately, that is a task that is far easier said than done. From concerns about sensitive data left over on your hard disks to hopes of offsetting the cost of your technology refresh, effective computer recycling in Canberra requires a deep understanding of the challenges involved.

At WV Technologies, we’ve spent years developing that understanding while pioneering a socially responsible company that aims to help other businesses realise their CSR goals. Not only that, but we can help you reclaim some of the cash sunk into your IT assets. Through our extensive value recovery operations, including equipment buyback, we can maximise your potential for recovering funds during the disposal process. From refurbishing laptops to breaking machines down into usable and valuable parts, there are many ways to achieve these goals. There is more to computer disposal in Canberra than reclaiming funds, however. What does the typical decommissioning process entail?

Understanding the impact of computer disposal in Canberra

Determining the type and extent of computer recycling your business requires is the first step. We can achieve this through on-site visits to develop an initial understanding of your needs. We can then arrange for the collection and transportation of these assets to an off-site facility. At all times during transport and handling, we take the utmost care regarding sensitive data. We follow the Department of Defence’s InfoSec manual to provide complete data sanitisation and disposal.

During this time, we also inventory assets for buyback or refurbishment. By following Australian standards for eWaste recycling, we can reclaim many important elements from decommissioned computers and technology. This not only reduces their environmental impact but puts valuable resources back into a production environment where they can see further use.

Begin a conversation about how we can assist your office

When considering options in Canberra for computer recycling, look beyond the surface — think of what else you can achieve beyond just offloading a large amount of technology you no longer need. Your action to engage with us can help to preserve our environment for future generations while helping the disadvantaged of today through our employment programs. We are majority-owned by a not-for-profit company, meaning the lion’s share of our revenue goes directly to efforts that will create a positive societal impact. Your decision to partner with us creates that opportunity. To learn more about how something as simple as computer disposal can help change the world, contact us today by clicking here.

What’s the Best Way to Handle Computer Disposable and Recycling in Canberra? Choose a Socially Responsible Option