You can simultaneously achieve your IT, CSR and Financial objectives through your existing refresh and computer disposals program.

From installations, asset decommissioning, eWaste recycling, social procurement and corporate social responsiblity, we have you covered.

Our IT Lifecycle Services provide you with an end-to-end service. The main difference in engaging with us is your impact on society is a much more meaningful and significant than it otherwise would be.

If you are a Corporate, Government, Education or SME organisation, a service exists that is professional, sustainable and benefits society.

The service is unlike anything in the market because it delivers significant Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental outcomes beyond the standard security and financial outcomes offered in the industry.

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Computer Disposal and Installation

Installations & Deployment

A main concern for any refresh is the effect and interruption on end-users. The greater the interruption, the greater the cost to your organisation. Our services are designed to overcome these issues by:

  1. Understanding Your Environment through an onsite audit and inventory of your existing hardware and software
  2. Planning Your Refresh based on the analysis of the onsite audit, your organisational objectives and refresh timelines
  3. Deployment Management of the installation project including end-user imaging, data migration, hardware installation and decommissioning and user acceptance signoff

Computer Disposal

Asset Decommissioning

IT decommissioning and computer disposals can be more problematic than it needs to be. We provide a total solution for your computer disposals. 

  • Onsite and Offsite Data Sanitisation, compliant to ISM 6.9.92 Dept. of Defence Information Security Manualto ensure the most important part of any disposal, which is data security. 
  • Secure Collection, transportation and storage of your decommissioned assets and computer disposals
  • Asset Inventory as we process, test and track your asset details through our end-to-end software which you can access at any time
  • Equipment Buyback and value recovery is how we maximise the financial return of your disposed assets. We do this through local and international sales channels. More below. 
  • eWaste Recycling to Australian and International standards (AS/NSZ 53:77) 
  • Reporting that is designed to be useful to you, other departments in your organisation, your customers or your annual report and include:
    • Asset Inventory & Financial Returns
    • Environmental Reporting (savings in CO2, Water, Energy etc) 
    • Social Impact Reporting (number of people provided with opportunity)

Computer Disposal and Buyback

Asset Buyback & Value Recovery

Your financial return is maximised through our remarketing and value recovery departments, which involve:

  • Product specialists and channel expertise
  • Global marketplace of retailers, wholesalers and brokers
  • Refurbishing and re-manufacturing capabilities
  • Parts harvesting and testing 

eWaste Recycling

eWaste Recycling

eWaste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world and contains a range of hazardous materials so it is important you use a partner which recycles properly. Computer disposals and eWaste recycling is a core of what we do and our recycling services:

  • Are compliant to ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 5377:2013, the Australian/NZ eWaste Standard.
  • Achieve over 98% recovery rates
  • Designed from international best practices 
  • Include environmental benefit reports which includes calculations of the savings in C02, water and materials from our reuse and recycling activities

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR activities are often seen as necessary obligation that comes with a cost. Not in this case. We help you achieve CSR objectives through your existing decommissioning and procurement program with one main difference – your impact on society is a much more significant. 

Find out more here how we can provide you with significant corporate social responsibility outcomes from your IT refresh. 

A meaningful way to dispose of your I.T.

Achieve your IT, CSR, Financial and Marketing objectives through our services.

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