Refreshing your company’s IT system with new hardware may not evoke pictures of helping the disadvantaged and saving the planet. But it should. WV Technologies combines technical IT prowess with helping you meet your social procurement goals. We do this by employing workers with disadvantaged backgrounds in our modern electronics recycling facilities. Employees are given coaching and training in a positive team environment while ensuring to handle hazardous materials from your decommissioned computers according to the Australia/NZ eWaste standards. This arrangement is a perfect way to turn that new computer installation in your Brisbane office into a definable contribution to social enterprise.

WV Technologies does more than just computer installations. Brisbane companies have taken advantage of our eligibility under the Indigenous Procurement Act to ensure that they meet their required spending goal. We provide the same top-tier installation, data destruction and security, and financial outcomes as other companies, with the bonus of being a majority-owned indigenous business that focuses on hiring disadvantaged employees. We also provide leading market value for redundant and excess IT equipment, ensuring that you obtain maximum possible value from your IT overhaul. Also, of course, we reuse and recycle all components to limit environmental impact. A variety of reports are available for your use to showcase the environmental benefits from our programs.

Take your capital improvement budget for computer installation in your Brisbane office and make it do far more than you could have ever imagined. Call WV Technologies today to make your spending count.

How Computer Installation in Brisbane Goes Hand-in-Hand with Social Good