Data security makes everyone nervous, especially when disposing of IT equipment. How can you be sure it’s in safe hands? WV Technologies is your one-source solution for new computer installation in Canberra. We handle all aspects of data sanitisation, both on- and off-site. With our secure collection procedures, refurbishing and manufacturing capabilities, and our access to a global network of retailers, wholesalers, and brokers, we can safely maximise your financial return on unneeded IT equipment after de-installation. We follow the strict ISM standard 6.9.92 of the Dept. of Defence Information Security Manual as well as all Australia/NZ eWaste standards. We make helping the environment look good on your financials.

We are a social enterprise that also works for the good of the companies we serve. We want to make the world a better place, from our employees to the environment, from your bottom line to your conscience. WV is proud to be a majority-owned indigenous business, which can help you meet requirements under the Indigenous Procurement Act. We also have a thriving social enterprise program that employs disadvantaged workers in our recycling facilities and provides training and life coaching to help our employees be the best they can be. All this and a market-leading IT computer installation for your Canberra company – you can’t get any better than that.

Environmental benefit reports detailing your company’s contributions, data destruction for security, and positive social outcomes for the people we employ—WV Technologies has it all.

Computer Installation in Canberra: Make Your Investment Count