Modern businesses must balance their bottom line, their social procurement obligations, and their commitment to environmental sustainability. It’s a lot to ask, and any way that you can accomplish this efficiently is a welcome opportunity. At WV Technologies, we are a social enterprise company that can help your SME, corporation, or government agency meet your social and environmental obligations while ensuring the best possible financial outcomes. We do this thanks to our incredible IT team, our commitment to hiring disadvantaged workers in our recycling facilities, and our rebates for working excess IT equipment. That computer installation in your Sydney office will have so many more benefits when you use WV Technologies.

Worried about data security in IT disposal? You can stay secure even after computer system removal by using our data sanitisation and destruction services. You won’t need to worry about what to do with unneeded equipment after a computer installation at your Sydney location; we are strictly compliant with ISM standard 6.9.92 of the Dept. of Defence Information Security Manual. Also, we handle all eWaste according to Australia/NZ eWaste standards. We ensure that your decommissioned computers achieve maximum environmental and financial savings through recycling of components, careful handling of hazardous waste, and equipment buyback.

Take advantage of our status as a majority-owned indigenous company and let our professional IT team handle the next computer installation in your Sydney office. For all questions regarding disposal of computer equipment, and helping to keep the environment safe while upgrading your IT systems, give us a call today.

Computer Installation in Sydney: More Than Just Technology