Many people don’t know that electronic waste, or eWaste as it is called, is rapidly becoming one of the primary components of cities’ and towns’ waste disposal streams. Individuals regularly toss old routers, smart phones, and laptops in the garbage without a second thought about proper recycling techniques. Large companies, SMEs and government departments cannot think this way. For them, the proper disposal of electronic waste in Brisbane is more than just a way to get rid of all the clutter around the office as often mandated by the local or federal government.

Electronic waste recycling in Brisbane, however, doesn’t need to be a headache for your enterprise or your government department. WV technologies is a company that uses industry-leading practices in dealing with electronic waste and recycling. Our experienced management team knows how important it is to secure your data to make sure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. We can offer ideas on electronic recycling in Brisbane that will provide you with both economic and social benefits.

Why electronic waste recycling in Brisbane is the wise route

There are many positive reasons for electronic waste recycling in Brisbane.

Recycling electronic waste conserves natural resources since it allows for the recovery of materials that can be used again. This reduces pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and means that we extract fewer raw materials that are needed in the production of electronic goods.

When you choose electronic recycling in Brisbane, you’re protecting yourself and your employees. Not all the materials used in the manufacture of electronic technology are healthy. When older electronics or technology are carelessly disposed of in your building or at a dump site, dangerous toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury can leach into the environment of your building or the soil at a dump.

Recycling electronic waste also creates jobs in your community. In the case of WV technologies, which is a majority-owned non-profit, it provides employment for disadvantaged individuals. If your electronic waste is still in working condition, it can be passed on or refurbished for others in the community to use.

Working with the right company

We provide substantial financial and security benefits for your company or government department while delivering positive social and economic outcomes. Since our business is majority indigenous owned we qualify for the Federal Government Indigenous Procurement Policy. When you work with us, it helps you meet the requirement that companies must spend at least 2% of their budget on indigenous enterprises. We can provide your IT disposals service and help you achieve the required social procurement targets.

We don’t want qualifying for government regulations to be the only reason you choose us. We practice industry-leading techniques in all our recycling and disposal methods. We understand how important it is that you know that any data that may be on older machines is securely handled and disposed of correctly. We are the right company to choose for your electronic waste needs in Brisbane.

Solving Your Need for Electronic Waste Recycling in Brisbane