When one looks at the impact electronic technologies such as computers, smart devices, TVs and more have on the way we interact and do business, their value is undeniable. Yet for all the good they bring, streamlining our lives and simplifying complex tasks, that convenience comes at a cost. Eventually, hardware wears out, grows obsolete, or is merely replaced in favour of a more current model. When that time arrives, what happens to the old devices? They become electronic waste, and Canberra businesses — and even the government — must figure out a responsible way to contend with that fact. Across Australia, only about 10% of all computers and laptops that reach the end of their lifespan go into recycling programmes.

The rest can end up in landfills, where they contribute an overwhelming amount to the accumulation of toxic chemicals. There is a better way, both for your business and for the planet. At WV Technologies, we provide access to industry-leading practices and techniques in electronic waste recycling in Canberra. With years of experience and the goal of empowering businesses to make a difference in the world through their recycling efforts, we can work seamlessly with your business to identify the best path forward for disposing of your accumulated e-waste. Meanwhile, we take every precaution to ensure the security of these items throughout the process, whether they go for resource reclamation or refurbishment.

Responsible, secure, and reliable electronic waste recycling for Canberra

It is hard to overstate the potential dangers of electronic waste when left in a landfill. That is why our recycling efforts focus on reclaiming heavy metals and separating out other chemical elements before they leave for final disposal. As the core of our services, we have well-developed experience and understanding regarding how to approach even vast and complex recycling jobs. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we gather a wealth of information during this process to create comprehensive reports for your business. You will learn how much water, energy, and even CO2 you’ve saved by choosing to recycle over simply dumping your electronic waste. You can then use these reports to bolster your credibility on environmental issues or to demonstrate responsible efforts to shareholders.

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When we considered the best practices to use in offering electronic recycling to Canberra, we drew from the leading methodologies around the globe as well as international and Australian standards. As a result, we can achieve recovery rates in excess of 98% — meaning far fewer harmful chemicals and heavy metals can leach into the ground around a landfill. In combination with our efforts as a social enterprise to open doors for the disadvantaged among us, WV Technologies can be an excellent partner to your business on several levels. To discuss the amount of electronic waste at your site in need of disposal, and to learn more about how we operate, please call us on (02) 6156 0334.

Responsibly Dispose of Your Electronic Waste in Canberra With Recycling from WV Technologies