The corporate world is fast-paced and ever-changing, meaning that your company must keep all its focus on the objectives, whether IT, CSR, or financial. Something like electronic waste recycling probably is not even on your radar, considering how busy your company’s day-to-day schedule is. Despite that, you should know that recycling your electronic waste is extremely important for both your business and the Sydney environment. Chances are that your company will go through some changes from an IT or technological perspective, meaning that devices and equipment will be swapped out. Out with the old and in with the new; that is how your company stays relevant. Because of these inevitable changes, you will end up with a lot of old, obsolete equipment that is full of your company’s sensitive information. These assets need to be properly disposed of, both for the benefit of your company and the country.

You cannot just haul them away and dump them in a landfill somewhere. That is not safe for you or the public. Why? First, your company may not have correctly wiped the sensitive information from hard drives or mobile devices, meaning that your devices could still have financial, banking, or strategic data on them. In the wrong hands, this information could have extremely negative results on your business. Second, the metals and materials found in these devices can be harmful to the environment if just dumped in a landfill. Lead, mercury, chromium, and other materials can pollute the water and air, resulting in toxic effects. Your business needs to take electronic waste recycling in Sydney very seriously.

Work with a Company Specializing in Electronic Recycling in Sydney

Our team at WV Technologies has been in the IT and asset recovery business for over a decade. From IT installation to recycling, we have the knowledge to take care of all your old electronic and IT assets, benefiting both you and the country. We have a vast amount of experience in asset decommissioning, which includes data sanitisation to ensure that your old devices are free of sensitive information. We also provide collection services, meaning that we can transport, store, and properly recycle your old assets so that you don’t have to.

We abide by Australian and International standards when it comes to electronic waste recycling, meaning that we are government compliant and comply with all legislation including the Hazardous Waste Act of 1989. Our goal is to provide your company with a service while also providing a service to the environment. We are passionate about keeping your business running well and keeping Sydney clean.

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If your office’s storage area is full of old computers or servers, let us help you dispose of your electronic waste in Sydney. We can consult with you on the proper methods as well as provide services including data sanitisation. We can also provide you with environmental benefit reports so that you can see the positive impact this recycling has on our beautiful country. Call us on 02 6156 0334 for more information on our services.

The Benefits of Electronic Waste Recycling in Sydney