Whether your business has five or 500 employees, it is likely that most of them are working off desktop or laptop computers. It is just as likely that these laptops are housing extremely sensitive data that your business would not want in the wrong hands. When you work with technology, upgrading periodically is inevitable. You do not want your fast-paced business working on five-year-old laptops, understandably. This means that, at some point, your business will get new computers and will need to do something with the old ones. What you should not do is let them pile up in your office storage area or simply drop them off at a Brisbane landfill. Neither of these options leads to any good for your company or the environment. Your best bet is to work with an organisation that does laptop recycling in the Brisbane area.

Why should you recycle your laptops? There is a multitude of reasons, one of the most important being that your business’ confidential data and information will not be at risk. WV Technologies is a company that works with businesses throughout Australia, focusing on proper IT asset removal and data sanitisation. This means that, when our team comes to haul away your obsolete laptops and electronic devices, we ensure that your sensitive info is wiped from all hard drives before the devices are properly disposed of and recycled.

Local Businesses: Recycle Your Laptop in Brisbane

The importance of proper data sanitisation cannot be stressed enough, but that is not the only reason your business should be recycling its laptops when the time comes to upgrade. Laptops house intricate circuit boards made of materials including copper, mercury, and chromium. If improperly disposed of, these materials can have harsh, adverse effects on the air and water, polluting them and contributing harm to the Brisbane public.

eWaste is a growing problem throughout the world and especially in Australia. Over two million tons of used electronics are disposed of annually, but many people do not recycle those electronics. Many old laptops and devices are dumped in landfills or stored in non-climate controlled storage spaces, leading to harmful effects as these devices age. Our team at WV Technologies works with companies to prevent these effects from happening. Our goal is to contribute to the success of your business through our IT solutions as well as contributing to the health and well-being of the environment. We offer companies in Brisbane our laptop recycling services because we truly care about our country’s environment.

About Us

Our team of experts has been in the IT and asset recovery industry for over a decade. We have a depth of knowledge to help you with your IT needs. Whether you need a start-to-finish installation of your IT assets, or simply need old asset decommissioning (data sanitisation and equipment collection), we are at your service. Laptop recycling is vital, now more than ever, and we have seen the benefits of our initiatives. Call us on 02 6156 0334 for more information about our services.

The Importance of Laptop Recycling and Recycle Services in Brisbane