Today, the world of business is more mobile than ever before. With a global economy and the Internet keeping all of us connected, more individuals find themselves travelling for work. Others find that they spend most their time out of the office, working “on the go” and away from their desktop workstations. The laptop, like the smartphone, is one of the key factors in making this system work. However, like all the IT infrastructure your company employs, it won’t be the right solution forever. The rapid pace of technological change and the shifting demands of your business mean that from time to time, you will need to set aside the current model of employee-issued laptop for a newer one.

What should companies like yours do with surplus laptops? Right now, they may be taking up a room in your office that people seldom enter, collecting dust. There is no need for that — with the assistance of WV Technologies, you can recycle every laptop your Canberra offices no longer require. Not only does this essential service reduce the amount of electronic waste generated by your company, but WV Technologies can help you achieve your goals related to corporate social responsibility at the same time. By choosing our services for laptop recycling in Canberra, a door to incredible social impacts and a cleaner world opens. We help your business step through to the other side.

The simple solution to laptop recycling for Canberra

Our value recovery team is here to help your business reclaim some of the money it spent equipping staff with now-obsolete hardware. By leveraging a global marketplace and our connections with equipment brokers and IT wholesalers, we can recycle your old tech at the right price. In cases where whole units are not desirable to the market, we can harvest parts to ensure there is always an opportunity to recover value.

We understand an employee laptop, even after initial sanitisation by staff, could still contain sensitive information. To ensure this can never fall into the wrong hands, we undertake comprehensive efforts to sanitise systems both on- and off-site according to government guidelines. This renders data completely irretrievable, allowing us to recycle and refurbish the laptop to be sold on to provide a return on your investment.

Meet strategic social procurement goals with WV Technologies

When you tire of hearing employees complain about how slow and unwieldy their laptops are, it is time to make a move to a better, more effective system. While you stay ahead of the business game, don’t neglect your ability to recoup some of your investment through recycling and buyback programs. Your support of WV Technologies makes possible a whole host of programs that give back to our society and propel less fortunate individuals into opportunities they can use to improve their lives. Find out about how that happens, or arrange for a visit to your site in Canberra to discuss laptop recycling today. Ring us on (02) 6156 0334 for more information.

When Employees Upgrade, Recycle! Turn to WV Technologies in Canberra for Secure Laptop Recycling