It’s a problem all businesses or government departments face sooner or later, especially in this modern work environment. When to replace your technology has become an important decision. After you make that crucial decision comes another one – what do we do with all our old technology? Old computers and other eWaste can no longer be stored in an extra broom closet or hidden away in the basement of the building. Most businesses or agencies understand that older technologies can be recycled for rebates or tax breaks and leaving them just to lie around can lead to environmental hazards for employees.

When the time comes for your business or government department to think about upgrading Technology, it’s also time to start thinking about finding a company for Brisbane computer disposal. WV technologies is that company. We can offer you rebates on older technology that is still in working condition as well as provide you with a way to achieve your social procurement goals.

How to recycle a computer in Brisbane

Technology changes at such a rapid rate these days that most companies, SMEs and government departments find themselves thinking about computer upgrades on a regular basis. One way to know if it’s time for a refresh is when the technologies that your employees use for their own needs is far ahead of what they can find in the office. Since so much of modern technology is mobile and connects to computers in an office or business environment, outdated computers that won’t allow these connections means lost productivity, lost income and unhappy employees and customers.

When that upgrade comes, most businesses don’t need just to recycle a computer Brisbane they must recycle dozens. They need to work with a company to handle the disposal and recycling. A company that has experience and knows how to dispose of a computer in Brisbane properly and can provide the data security, so many businesses and government offices require. Finding the right company to work with on Brisbane computer disposal and recycling is not just something that you think about doing; it’s an absolute necessity.

A computer disposal and recycling company to trust

When you hire us to dispose of or recycle your company’s or government department’s computers, we employ industry-leading practices to do so. If you wish, we can also install all your new technology for you while safely removing the equipment you no longer need. Our management team has 14 years of experience working in this industry and knows the best ways to help your company benefit both financially and socially.

We offer rebates for your older computers. We provide environmental benefit reports that can help you achieve targets for social procurement. When you work with us, you’re also aiding the community. We are a majority owned indigenous non-profit. We employ disadvantaged individuals in our company and qualify for the Indigenous Procurement Policy of the Federal government. We provide professional quality service promptly that benefits your organisation or government department in a variety of positive ways. Contact us today to find out how we can help you when it comes to computer disposal and recycling.

How to Dispose of or Recycle Computers in Brisbane