Technology, especially in the business world, evolves at a rapid pace. If your company is trying to compete and stay relevant, you are likely developing your tech and IT assets at a fast pace as well. Because of this, you probably have a lot of out of date, obsolete computers and electronics taking up space in your office’s storage area. You certainly don’t want that equipment to take up space in your office anymore, but you need to find the proper way to dispose of them. Dropping off old electronics at a landfill is not a good option, and yet, unfortunately, many people do just that every day.

Computer recycling is important for many reasons, starting with the environment. Computers are made up of parts that contain potentially hazardous, toxic materials such as mercury or lead. If dumped in a landfill, these toxic materials could, over time, seep into the air or water, leading to an increase in pollution. Instead of dumping your old computers in a landfill, you should contact a business with know-how in computer recycling near Sydney. Proper disposal through recycling has a positive effect on the environment, which is why the team at WV Technologies is so passionate about this process.

Benefits of Proper Computer Disposal in Sydney

Just like any recycling, computer recycling conserves natural resources. When you choose to recycle your old computers and IT equipment, this helps reduce the amount of resources required to create new electronics. Many components in old computers, such as plastic and glass from monitors and CPU cases, can be used to fabricate new computers.

Proper computer disposal also helps to protect public health and environmental health. The toxic materials mentioned before need to be disposed of properly. If simply dumped in trashcans or landfills, these materials can end up having very harmful effects on the public. Pollution is already a big problem, and toxic materials from computers and eWaste are only making the problem worse.

Proper disposal also has a huge benefit to the safety and security of your business. If you just dump your old computers and IT devices in a dumpster or landfill, your sensitive data is still at risk. Yes, you have likely wiped your hard drives and servers before disposal, but unless it was done by an IT professional, there is still information that can be taken from them. Our team at WV Technologies has years of experience in this field, and we offer data sanitisation services to ensure that your old devices are clear of any information that you would not want to get into the wrong hands.

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