There is a growing eWaste problem in Sydney and the rest of Australia. It may not seem like a big deal to improperly dispose of your old electronics, but it can be extremely hazardous to the environment. The various materials, such as metals and plastics that make up computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other various electronics can have adverse effects on the environment. If not properly disposed of, these materials can pollute water and air and increase greenhouse gas emissions. More toxic materials – lead, mercury, chromium – that are found in computer circuit boards can be harmful to public health, especially if dumped in local landfills or kept improperly stored in your home. Without the proper eWaste recycling, Sydney and its environment will indeed suffer.

If you have old computers, mobile phones, televisions, or any other electronic device, it is recommended that you recycle these properly. If you are looking for someone to help you recycle your old electronics and I.T. equipment, contact the team at WV Technologies.

We Recycle your eWaste in Sydney

If you’re a business that is going through an I.T. and electronic upgrade, you will have a lot of old, obsolete equipment that you need to dispose of properly. We can work with you to haul away your old assets and recycle them. Not only do we offer our own I.T. installation services, but we also offer computer disposal and eWaste recycling, as we believe in the social and environmental benefits that this has on the country. Whatever goals your business is trying to achieve, we can help you get there while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Our team of experts can help you every step of the way, including a secure collection of your old, decommissioned IT assets and computer disposals. We also ensure that your old equipment is properly stored and the data is wiped from all devices. This is another reason why working with a team like us is so important. If you merely dump your old assets in a landfill, there is no telling who could find them. Just because you wipe your hard drives doesn’t mean that they are clean and void of all your sensitive information. In skilled hands, your old information could be recovered. We will correctly clean and wipe your equipment to ensure that there is no confidential information, and then we will recycle it.

About WV Technologies

With a management team that has over 14 years of experience in the IT and asset recovery industry, we are dedicated to serving your IT and eWaste recycling needs. We are devoted to eliminating the Sydney eWaste problem through proper recycling. Because of this, we have been able to impact lives and the environment carefully. When you work with us, we can even provide you with environmental benefit reports including information such as CO2 emissions saved to show you how important this recycling initiative is.

If your business needs new IT assets or needs old assets properly disposed of, call us on 02 6156 0334 to discuss your options.

Help Solve the Growing eWaste Problem Through Electronics Recycling in Sydney