WV Technologies achieves NAID AAA certification

Published by the Australian Defence Magazine. Featuring Minister for Finance, Simon Birmingham.


WV Technologies have announced that they are the first and only company in Australia to obtain the highest security clearance for all data destruction and sanitisation services, the NAID AAA certifica

In addition to obtaining the NAID AAA certification for sanitisation, the company received an endorsement from the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) to undertake data destruction of Top Secret classified material.

“Recognising the accreditation that has been secured here is an enormous accomplishment for WV Technologies,” Senator Simon Birmingham said. “To be able to manage lifecycle data in a way that provides the highest level of security, protect information and keep all of our systems as safe and secure as possible.

“In this case, we’re thinking about the product lifecycle in relation to data and technology and making sure that we are securing such an important part of people’s personal privacy through to management of secret information is essential to the nation’s security and the ongoing development of businesses and national infrastructure.”

“WV Technologies has invested heavily in data security,” Jamie Miller, Executive Director at WV Technologies, said. “We are the first company to achieve NAID AAA certification for all mobile and plant based sanitisation and destruction services, including the Australian Government PSPF endorsements for Top Secret.”

“It is our experience corporate and government organisations seem to be more focused on the ‘front’ end of cybersecurity but have forgotten about the obvious risks associated to IT decommissioning and data destruction,” Kurt Gruber, Executive Director at WV Technologies, said. “It was like keeping your front door locked but leaving your back door open.”

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